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2013 NFL Trade Deadline: 5 Players The Philadelphia Eagles Should Trade Away

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5 Players The Philadelphia Eagles Could Do Without

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The Philadelphia Eagles are in a period of great transition. Gone is the old 4-3 wide 9 scheme run by loud mouth Jim Washburn and former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, and in comes a 3-4 scheme run by new defensive coordinator Billy Davis. When a transition like this occurs, inevitably there will be players left over from the previous regime that just don't fit into the new scheme; the square peg in the round hole, so to speak.

The same can be said on offense. The Eagles went from a West Coast scheme to an up-tempo, high flying zone read type of offense, with offensive guru Chip Kelly now the head coach and manning the offense.

With change in scheme also comes change in personnel. Kelly doesn't have all the right people on either side of the ball to run his offense and defense respectively, and this has contributed greatly to the Eagles 3-4 record.

There are certainly some awkward fits on offense. Kelly needs athletes there at all positions, and there are a few players on offense on their last legs. The same can be said on defense; a few players look to be either in decline or the wrong fit for this system.

The trade deadline is fast approaching. Now would be the right time to ship a few of these players out -- some young and with promise, others veterans that would perhaps be much more productive in other systems to a contending team looking for that final piece.

Draft picks become ultra valuable to Kelly and GM Howie Roseman, especially in a new regime looking to build from the ground up and trying to find players that fit Kelly's system on both sides of the ball.

Let's take a look at five players the Eagles should trade away.

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Nate Allen

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Nate Allen has had four seasons to emerge into a playmaker on the back end, and he has simply failed to do it. It may be time for the Eagles to move on from Allen.

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Brandon Graham

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Brandon Graham simply seems like the wrong fit in a 3-4. He is not particularly long or athletic, and dropping into coverage, a must for a 3-4 outside linebacker, is not his strong suit. It would be wise for the Eagles to ship him to a 4-3 team for a draft pick.

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Trent Cole

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Trent Cole's time has come and gone. He is in serious decline, as he has managed only three sacks in his last 23 games -- a terrible stat for a once great sack artist. Cole again doesn't fit the 3-4 defense. A playoff bound team with a need for a pass rusher may be a place the Eagles should ship Cole to for draft pick compensation.

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Nick Foles

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Nick Foles does not look like a fit at quarterback in a Chip Kelly offense, and never was that more evident than in the loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Kelly needs a mobile quarterback to fully run his up-tempo, read option attack. Foles could have some major value with the amount of QB-needy teams. It would be wise for the Eagles to part ways with Foles now while his value is still reasonably high.

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Brent Celek

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Brent Celek looks like a shell of his former self. The Eagles' tight end simply isn't putting up numbers in Chip Kelly's offense, and the veteran's time may have passed. It would be wise for the Eagles to scour the trade market for a team looking for a solid blocking tight end, who can also contribute in third down and red zone duty.