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5 Players Washington Redskins Should Trade Away

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Redskins' Trade Bait

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The NFL’s trade deadline is just a week away. At 4 p.m. on Oct. 29, the window to trade players between teams will be reached and some deals will be made, some deals will be missed and other deals will make you scratch your head.

For the Washington Redskins, the start of their season couldn’t have gone much worse. They got off to an 0-3 start with three ugly losses, but have recovered to go 2-1 in their past three contests to get to their current 2-4 record. Like all teams, they have their strengths and weaknesses.

The easiest way to fill those weaknesses is to simply replace that player with someone different. Sometimes you can look to the free agent market to find players that can improve that position. Other times you’re looking to the upcoming draft. But what if you need a fix and there aren’t players on market good enough and the draft is too far away?

That’s what makes trading so important. Teams that need a fix, or want to setup a future one, will be calling around looking to make a deal. They trade things like players and draft picks in order to get the guy that they want. The only trick is finding the right guy to trade away.

On the next five slides, you’ll find five players who the Redskins should use if the want to make a deal. By trading these five players, they won’t lose much talent on their own team, but they can get much needed draft picks as they currently lack a first-round pick, but you can never have enough late-round picks to find hidden gems.

You’ll notice that most of these players would be best in a package deal. In other words, if you were to offer up that player along with a draft pick or another player, you would best be able to maximize their value. For the Redskins, there honestly aren’t very many players of value, but there are some that could draw in a good deal for general manager Bruce Allen.

In no particular order, here we go!

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Nick Barnett - Linebacker

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The Redskins signed Nick Barnett as a free agent this past offseason, but with the amount of depth that they have at linebacker, putting him in a package deal might be worth a shot. If a team is willing to give back something appealing enough, the Redskins might want to pull the trigger.

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Fred Davis - Tight End

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With the emergence of Jordan Reed, there is no longer a need to have Fred Davis around. Before it’s too late and he loses all of his trade value, the Redskins need to call around and find a team that is in need of a tight end. At this point, Davis may get them a late-round pick.

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Evan Royster - Running Back

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Like Davis, Evan Royster’s value has diminished thanks to the emergence of Roy Helu Jr. and the always solid play of Alfred Morris. There is late-round value in Royster or they could package him to a need with a draft pick. Who knows, maybe the Redskins could find a team that would take Royster and Davis in exchange for a mid-round draft pick.

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Santana Moss - Wide Receiver

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Santana Moss is a fan favorite and a player that would be difficult to see leave, but he’s got some trade value left in him at his age. He still produces, but he’s not the primary receiver that he used to be. The Redskins could put him in a package deal and get a late-round draft pick or player in return.

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Kirk Cousins - Quarterback

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Many have taken quite the objection in trying to trade the Redskins backup quarterback, but there is loads of trade value in Kirk Cousins. The Redskins could pick up a second- or third-round pick which they could put toward a shiny new offensive lineman to protect Robert Griffin III.