Adrian Peterson Trade Talk Isn't That Crazy, But It's Also Not Realistic in 2013

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are down and almost certainly out in 2013. With a record of 1-5 and quarterback situation that resembles a train wreck, it’s nearly time to start thinking about next year. But of all the crazy talk that’s been thrown around regarding this team, none of it is crazier than the Adrian Peterson trade talk.

This idea has been kicked around before, but it never really had any legs until the Vikings horrible loss on MNF. After the game, Ray Lewis compared Peterson to Barry Sanders, who of course retired early at the age of 30 following many bad seasons with the Detroit Lions.

I get where Lewis’ head was at when he made the comparison, but Peterson is wired a little differently than Sanders. There’s no way he’d just walk away from the game. However, after the way the Vikings have looked this season, you have wonder if he’s ever contemplated a trade?

After carrying the Vikings to the playoffs a year ago, things just haven’t been the same for AP in 2013. His line is not as good and the passing game has yet to evolve around him. It’s really anyone’s guess when that will change.

But as crazy as the concept of trading the best running back in the league is, it’s not that crazy. Considering that Minnesota would likely get two first round picks and other assets, it would be an easy way for the team to rebuild. However, the Vikings really aren’t a team that’s rebuilding. They have a lot of good pieces on the roster, but they just can’t get them all working together.

A year ago, I would have said there was no way AP would ever be traded. Now, I think it’s a possibility (5% chance). It’s certainly not going to happen this year, but if Minnesota tanks again in 2014, then it could be a very real possibility.


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