Denver Broncos Are Still Team To Beat In AFC

By Tylor Walden
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Denver Broncos suffered a heartbreaking loss this past Sunday, don’t expect them to go into the fetal position in the corner of a room.

Yes, the loss to the Indianapolis Colts was tough to swallow, but they just found a team that for one week was able to exploit the weaknesses of the defense. But Peyton Manning and company should have nothing to be ashamed of. They were close to pulling off a huge comeback. Just so happened that critical mistakes toward the end of the comeback put a complete stop to any chance that they had.

Next week should be simple as they play their last opponent from the NFC East, the Washington Redskins. This team got a good shootout win last weekend, but they is sitting at 2-4 and are perhaps one of the three weakest teams in that division. Robert Griffin III found his old game, but can he repeat that performance? It’ll be interesting to see.

As far as the team to beat discussion goes, the Broncos still are. Their defense might be their weakness, but for most of the games the Broncos have played this year, teams have not been able to keep up with their high-octane offense. Manning can score points at will. A team’s best bet is to keep him on the bench for as long as they can. But even that can prove costly with how fast the Broncos can score.

I know the Kansas City Chiefs are leading the division, but I don’t see that happening for very long. The Chiefs have had, for the most part, a cupcake schedule. Their schedule gets challenging as the season moves on, and then we will see if they are for real.

Don’t sleep on the Broncos. They are still the team to beat. And once they have their defensive holes filled and repaired, this will become the team that cannot be beaten. And when it comes down to it, will the Broncos’ defense prevent them from reaching the Super Bowl this year? Denver’s defense, as mediocre as it is, has been known to make plays to change the tide of the game. So, with the Broncos offense and the defense’s ability to make huge plays in crucial times, I still believe they have what it takes.

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