Minnesota Vikings: Josh Freeman Fails To Assert Himself As Starting Quarterback

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Freeman had his chance, his final shot to prove that he was a starting quality NFL quarterback and deserving of a shot as the Minnesota Vikings‘ franchise guy. To say he failed miserably would be an understatement.

Freeman didn’t look like he belonged on an NFL football field, in a game between two totally inept franchises this season that was nearly un-watchable. Freeman’s play was awful; he was missing wide open guys, he wasn’t responding well to pressure, and he was totally indecisive. He basically looked like a rookie out there, except he isn’t — he’s in his fifth season.

Freeman has been playing like this for a year and a half, and it is why he is now on his second team  in five seasons. He better make it three after this year, if he even is lucky enough to get another opportunity. This was Freeman’s second chance at football life, and his second chance to prove his many detractors wrong. He just doesn’t seem destined to be a pro quarterback.

The skills and smarts aren’t there for Freeman at the all important quarterback position. The Vikings took a gamble on Freeman; their options at quarterback with Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel were dire, to say the least, so they took a chance on Freeman to see if he could get back some of the magic he had his first few years in the league.

Unfortunately, it looks like that ship has long sailed. The Vikings’ No. 1 need going into this offseason will be at the quarterback position. It looks like they will have a crack at some of the top ones like Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater and Brett Hundley if they decide to declare. Hopefully this will be the last season that Vikings fans have to endure total mediocrity at the quarterback position.

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