Minnesota Vikings Should Continue to Start Josh Freeman

By Andrew Fisher
Josh Freeman
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The Minnesota Vikings have finally hit bottom, at least that’s what fans are hoping. Anyone who tuned in to Monday Night Football was ‘treated’ to an atrocity of a game. Pretty much anything that could have gone wrong for Minnesota, did. In the end they lost one of the all time ugly MNF games and now the finger pointing has commenced.

Immediately following the contest there was questioning of the coaching staff’s decision to start Josh Freeman. There have been conflicting reports on whose decision it ultimately was to start him, but regardless of who it was, Freeman started and played about as poorly as a QB could. If you were drawing up a nightmare scenario for the 25-year old, Monday night was it.

Now, the Vikings are in one heck of situation. Do they continue to tryout Freeman, who clearly isn’t ready? Or do they go back to Christian Ponder?

In hindsight, Ponder should have started on MNF. He was healthy and ready to go. But hindsight is always 20/20. The coaching staff and front office clearly want to see what Freeman can bring to the table and he’s going to be the guy moving forward. However, if he plays poorly on Sunday night, the coaching staff has to make a call to the bullpen for Ponder.

There’s no way the Vikings can just stand by and let Freeman play terribly like he did on MNF. He’s auditioning right now, but at the same time, the Vikings are still fighting for wins. His play on Monday night was detrimental to the team. If that continues, players are going to tune out and this season will become even more of a train wreck than it already is.

Josh Freeman is the Vikings’ QB moving forward, but his leash is now a lot shorter.


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