Minnesota Vikings Should Trade Adrian Peterson

By Zach Morrison
Adrian Peterson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are a really bad football team. There isn’t much to get excited about when it comes to this season’s Vikings if you are a fan of the team. Adrian Peterson is pretty much the only sure thing for the 2013-14 Vikings, but the best thing they could do is rid themselves of him.

The Vikings shouldn’t trade Peterson because he is a bad player or a bad guy, but because he is too good for them to keep. There are three legitimate reasons the Vikings should put Peterson on the trading block: The NFL is a passing league, the Vikings aren’t going to compete this year, and Peterson is approaching 30 years old, the age that most running backs begin to deteriorate.

Teams in the NFL aren’t going to win very often without an elite, or at least serviceable, quarterback. Currently, the Vikings are relying on a combination of Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel to lead their ship. Freeman has a ton of talent, but he has just as much character issues as he does talent. Ponder and Cassel have both had injuries this season, and neither of them are good enough to lead a team to a Super Bowl.

There is a lot of data to support that most running backs will begin to have a decline in their career starting around the age of 30, and Peterson is dangerously close to that. For a runner like him who refuses to go down and runs with such a violent style, Peterson’s knees could easily be twice as old as the rest of his body (figuratively, of course).

If the Vikings decide to do the smart thing and trade Peterson, they could get a ton for him. With the current state of their team, the Vikings’ management should value the potential draft picks they would receive in a Peterson trade much more than they value Peterson as a Viking. For a contender, Peterson has much more value than he does with the Vikings. He is currently just wasting his talent on a team that is quickly going nowhere.

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