St. Louis Rams, Meet Your New QB Brady Quinn

By roywhitehead
Brady Quinn
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The St. Louis Rams brought in Sam Bradford with the no. 1 pick in 2010 to be the new face of the franchise. While St. Louis has not experienced a winning season with Bradford at the helm, there was some promise starting to show in his statistics. He was on pace for a career high in yards and touchdowns.

St. Louis is going to have to face the rest of the season without their starting quarterback and a defense that has been mostly anemic besides the lone game in Houston. They were hoping that Kellen Clemens would be able to play veteran mentor for Bradford. Instead, they will have to face one of the toughest defenses in the NFL with Clemens running the offense.

The instant that news broke on Bradford’s torn ACL, Tim Tebow‘s name began to stir in the Twitterverse and the rumor mill faster than Usain Bolt sprinting towards the finish line.

It would be fun to see Tebow running around in a Rams jersey, making plays and missing receivers, but it wasn’t an realistic expectation from the start. He wouldn’t fit into the offense in place, and the Rams are not going to change their bland playbook just to accommodate him. Vince Young is another mobile QB that could have given the Rams an exciting option, but given his history with head coach Jeff Fisher, we knew that wouldn’t happen.

Among the quarterbacks that St. Louis brought in for a workout, Brady Quinn is the most talented. Quinn was selected 22nd overall in the 2007 draft by the Cleveland Browns. He has never lasted more than three seasons with any franchise that he made the roster for. At 28-years-old, this could be the last stop for Quinn to prove himself worthy of a roster spot for any team.

His career record of 4-16 does not give the Rams a lot to look forward to. However, most of his starts came for a pitiful Browns team that wouldn’t have won with Peyton Manning at QB. A career 53.8 completion percentage is not promising either. He has thrown 12 touchdowns to 17 interceptions as well. Quinn’s career numbers are dismal at best while playing infrequently and making St. Louis the sixth stop.

His last regular season action was for the Kansas City Chiefs where he went 1-for-7, throwing two TDs and seven interceptions. Even though he was regarded as a top prospect out of college, he has failed to produce anything close to the success he had. His career path has been a downward spiral of teams realizing that he wasn’t as good as advertised.

St. Louis has hopes of Quinn revitalizing his career and their team to produce a winning team. If they were just going to tank the season and go with the high picks, they could have. With a futile record this year from themselves and the struggling Washington Redskins, they could get some decent players in the 2014 draft class.

If Quinn shows that he can lead a team to some success, he will look forward to getting offers from teams for an invite to training camp, or possibly fill in the Rams’ backup QB role next year. It is obvious that Clemens will not be the answer as a starter or backup from here on out. St. Louis needs Quinn to step up, and Quinn needs to use this opportunity to revamp a career that was basically done after being cut by the New York Jets .

At least St. Louis will bring more female fans out to games with Quinn running the offense, right?

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