Chris Johnson Thanks Bud Adams On Twitter for Changing His Life

By Dave Daniels
Tennessee Titans Must Start Jake Locker If He’s Ready
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Adams will be missed in pro circles and you can count Chris Johnson among those who will miss his former owner.

The running back to twitter to show his appreciation for the man, and it would not surprise me to see the rest of the season dedicated to Adams by the team.

Johnson has had struggles on the field the last couple years to be sure, but we will see if the emotion of something like this can change the tide of the season.

They will certainly need a super human effort from Johnson, because quarterback Jake Locker is not exactly a Hall of Famer back there yet.

Johnson used to be a fantasy stud, but those days are far gone now. If you are a fantasy player I would advise you to stay away, but for you Titans out there will be sending out love and hope for you the rest of the year. It would have been better for Adams to see a Lombardi come to Tennessee, but hopefully one day they can get back to the Big Dance. That would make their former owner proud, but probably will not be seeing Johnson on that reincarnation of this time either. Time is a cruel mistress, and she gets to us all in the end folks.

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