Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors: Will Greg Schiano Last the Season?

By Andrew Fisher
Greg Schiano
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the midst of a terrible season. There’s no sugar coating it at this point. The 2013 Bucs stink. At 0-6 with their best offensive weapon on the shelf, it’s really just a matter of how many losses this team will compile. The man at the center of all the losing is no doubt Greg Schiano. Rumors of a shaky locker room have been circling since before the season even kicked off. Now with his team in a huge hole, it’s fair to wonder – how many more losses can the head coach withstand?

Schiano recently said that he’s not fretting the Bucs’ 0-6 start.

“We have good coaches, the relationship with the players is strong. When you have tough times that’s what you rely upon, that is the backbone of your program. We got some bumps and bruises, but we got a good football team. We are going to win our share of games. We just got to get the worm to turn.”

He’s probably the only man in America who thinks that Tampa is going to win its fair share of games. It’s not that there’s inadequate talent on the roster to get a few wins, either. It’s that the players are not responding to their head coach. The ‘worm is only going to turn’ when Schiano gets the axe and this team gets a new identity.

I don’t think the head coach can lose that many more games. If he runs this thing to 0-10, there’s no way he should finish out the season. The Bucs would be better off with an interim head coach in place. This franchise needs the air cleared if the losses keep coming. Then in the offseason, they can go out and find somebody that’s a better fit for the current group of players.

Greg Schiano is a college coach. His old school style is simply not applicable in today’s NFL.


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