The New York Papers Need to Take It Easy With New York Jets QB Geno Smith

By Harrison Turkheimer
Geno Smith
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, in my previous articles I have criticized the New York media for their loud mouths jumping on and off the Geno Smith bandwagon. Not that I do not enjoy seeing all the attention the rookie QB and West Virginia University alum is getting, but they need to relax!

The headlines over the last few days have read “A Star is Born” or “Steal of the Draft”. Now there is no bigger supporter of Geno Smith than me. Having watched him mature in college at my alma mater and seeing that perennial chip on his shoulder after the New York Jets took him in the second round, but it shows what he is truly capable of being. That being said, the growth has slowly begun, yet I don’t think he is truly ready to take the full rains of this team.

Everyone thought that when Mark Sanchez was on a roll at the beginning of his career that he was that same “star.” Shirts of him were being produced, “Broadway Mark,” etc. Now look what happens! I love the New York media, don’t get me wrong, but the Jets need to learn from their mistakes and take things slow when it comes to Geno! Unlike Sanchez, he has the intangibles that players should have, he has produced in spots already that Sanchez didn’t, but don’t get too overhyped in Year 1! This 4-3 mark that they are currently on is impressive; people did not expect that from these Jets. With a stretch coming up that will truly show their worth (at the Cincinnati Bengals, home against the New Orleans Saints and at the Baltimore Ravens), the New York papers will surly voice their loud mouths as much as possible. The only hope is that this team keeps their nose to the grass and keep on grinding it out for the big picture and, truthfully, future of this organization.

My biggest hope is that this team keeps the coaching staff intact for Geno’s sake. Go out and spend some money on some playmakers on offense and build this team for the future. Again, I love how the media is on the bandwagon (especially with Big Blue drowning). It doesn’t mean that the team needs to get full of themselves. They need to take things in stride and learn that over time things will come. Geno will mature and this team will be a future threat.

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