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5 Members of Houston Texans Organization That Must Go

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Houston Texans: 5 Guys That Must Go

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The 2-5 Houston Texans have had a lackluster year, and their recent five-straight-loss run has been disheartening for the club, to say the least. After finishing 12-4 and winning the AFC South last year, they just dropped from 22 to 26 in the NFL's power rankings after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7.

In addition to their losses, the Texans seem to be bleeding talent drastically, with injury on top of injury. Their starting quarterback Matt Schaub is nursing a serious ankle sprain, leaving Case Keenum, practically a rookie, to stave off the wolves in his stead.

During the Kansas City game alone, the Texans lost more key players. They lost their starting middle linebacker and leading tackler Brian Cushing for the season when he broke his leg and tore a knee ligament after being blocked by Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles. Top running back Arian Foster is trying to walk off a hamstring injury from that same game, sustained during the team's opening drive, no less. And finally, running back Ben Tate sustained four broken ribs Sunday.

Then, as if their losses hadn't been enough, two days after the loss to the Chiefs, the Texans have put themselves in a bit of a tight spot when they had to cut three rookie players loose - Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood and Willie Jefferson - for allegedly smoking marijuana in their Kansas City hotel room where the team was staying. With Wood now out, Texans coach Gary Kubiak is only packing two running backs: the aforementioned Foster and Tate.

It's too late in the season for Houston to make a relevant comeback -- at best, they can try to save face at this point. Rather than repairing and salvaging what they can, maybe they should do a full overhaul. If they are serious about cleaning house and seeing what they can do to salvage what they can for next season, maybe they should consider upgrading the following five Texans. Let me know what you think, if you agree or disagree with me.

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5. Matt Schaub

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Many strongly believe that we have already seen the best of Matt Schaub. After investing $22 million for Schaub in 2012, should the Texans invest more in a suddenly-turned-bad player who's not likely to get any better? The Texans could save themselves $11 million next season by letting him go, which includes $1 million in per-game roster bonuses. It doesn't seem like Texans fans are going to miss him much.

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4. Brian Cushing

Brian Cushing
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Brian Cushing is out for the second season in a row. It appeared after the Kansas City game that Cushing may have a torn ligament in his left knee (the same knee, by the way, surgically reconstructed last season), and he will have to have surgery. He's bound and determined to make a comeback for next season, but if the Texans want to make a good showing next year...

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3. Arian Foster

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Though Foster has chalked up 542 yards on 121 carries this season, caught 22 passes for 183 yards, and currently ranks second in the AFC in rushing yards, he has only scored one touchdown. His injury during the Kansas City game was a reincarnation of the same hamstring injury that made him miss practice time the previous week. It is not clear if his hamstring is torn, but he anticipates being ready to face the Indianapolis Colts on November 3. Time will tell whether his repeated hamstring injuries aren't the beginning of a gradual decline.

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2. Ben Tate

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Ben Tate entered the Kansas City game when Foster had to step out with his injured hamstring. This season Tate has rushed 66 times to chalk up 318 yards, but he has also scored only one rushing touchdown. During the course of the Kansas City game, he sustained a serious rib injury, with four broken ribs. He also anticipates being fit to play against the Texans' game against Indianapolis. Tate has a reputation for playing a great game, and then he'll subsequently fumble eight times and get benched. See ya around, pal.

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1. Gary Kubiak

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Coach Gary Kubiak. If he spent as much time doing some decent coaching as he does on his hair, well... the Texans club might not look like such a train wreck. The Texans' preseason Super Bowl aspirations have crumbled into a circus side show of turnovers (set on repeat) and vehement demands for Kubiak's job. Thanks, Gary.