Kurt Warner Says Cam Newton "More Balanced" This Year in Offense

By Dave Daniels
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kurt Warner likes what he has seen out of Cam Newton so far this year in getting the Carolina Panthers three wins so far this year.

It has to do with balance as Warner says in the interview below.

We will see if Newton can stay balanced during Thursday Night Football, and get his Panthers to four wins. I have an interesting history with Newton. Not many people probably know this, but I was initially hired on at Rant to be a Carolina Panthers beat writer, until a piece i wrote about a Newton in an Under Armour commercial. This ended up opening some doors that led to my interest in Prep Sports coverage.

Also had the good fortune to ask Newton a question at last February’s Super Bowl Media week, which was quite an amazing experience to say the least. Newton called his leadership skills “a work in progress” at the time, but it appears that the progression is going quite nicely this year.

I will always owe a debt of gratitude to Newton, and definitely rooting for his team to have enough success to reach the playoff this season.

Expect the Panthers to win their bout tonight with a balanced offensive attack and Newton throwing probably twenty to twenty-four times. Light it up Cam!

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