St. Louis Rams’ Interest in Brett Favre Makes Sense Given Other Lackluster Options

By Anthony Blake
St. Louis Rams Jeff Fisher
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As much as it would behoove the St. Louis Rams to move on from the season-ending injury to Sam Bradford and the talk about his replacement, it seems the talk just won’t die.

The latest development might just drive the stake through the vampire’s heart in this odd analogy as reports have surfaced that the Rams reached out to the timeless Brett Favre in their desperate attempt to replace their signal caller. If you’ll recall, Favre’s agent Bus Cook said that the now 44-year old Favre was still in terrific shape and could probably get back out on a field today even though he hasn’t played professionally since December of 2010.

That season with the Minnesota Vikings saw the former Green Bay Packers icon look like a shadow of his former self with his remarkable 297 consecutive starts streak coming to and end as well. The future Hall of Famer told ESPN 570 in Washington:

“I had a great career. I think if anything, the last year that I played was an obvious writing on the wall, vision for you if you will. It was time.”

So that’s it. The Rams may have wanted to court the old man back to the gridiron, but his old bones wouldn’t allow it to happen. Clearly their interest was warranted with Kellen Clemens penciled in as the starter for this coming Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks and both Austin Davis and the perpetual hanger-on Brady Quinn as his backups.

Maybe Favre couldn’t hack it in the league anymore and maybe this was just a publicity stunt to try and get fannies in the seats for the remainder of the season with a team that already struggles to drive attendance, but it would have been something else to see No. 4 in a Rams jersey. Head coach Jeff Fisher isn’t exactly the type to take on a potential locker room headache, but his endeavor with Randy Moss back with the Tennessee Titans (coincidentally during Favre’s final year in the league) begs to differ.

Regardless of what the motive was it’s nice to see Favre isn’t like a boxer just itching for the opportunity to get back in the ring. He realizes his physical limitations, understands that his family is what’s most important in his life now, and has moved on from his glory days.

Perhaps the Rams should take a page out of that book and start focusing on finding ways to win their upcoming game instead of searching for retired quarterbacks. I mean, just watch that one Sketchers commercial. It looks like Joe Montana can still spin it.

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