Who Must Have Big Game for Minnesota Vikings in Week 8?

By Michael Terrill
Who Must Have Big Game for Minnesota Vikings in Week 8
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings have the difficult task of taking on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. It already was not going to be easy for the Vikings to overcome the Packers at Lambeau Field. Obviously, wide receiver Greg Jennings did not help his team with his comments that targeted Aaron Rodgers’ leadership skills.

If there is one player on Minnesota that must step up in Week 8, it is definitely Jennings. Most people look at running back Adrian Peterson to be the key to success for the Vikings. However, the passing game must prevail if Minnesota wants to be victorious.

There are multiple reasons why Jennings cannot lay an egg in front of the Packer faithful. For starters, he has to back up his comments he made about Rodgers and the franchise. If he does not put forth a stellar game, such as the one Brett Favre did when he returned to Lambeau Field in 2009, it will be hard for him to show his face in front of either fan base.

The other reason Jennings must eclipse the 100-yard mark for the first time this season is because the passing game is the only way the Vikings will defeat the Packers.

Green Bay is one of the top ranked offenses in the NFL with their 300.0 passing yards and 134.7 rushing yards per game. Meanwhile, they have the third best run defense in the league that has only allowed opponents to gain 79.0 yards on the ground per contest. However, the Packers’ pass defense is where the team struggles.

Green Bay has surrendered 266.8 yards per game through the air, which is good for 24th in the league. Jennings should have a decent shot at racking up the yardage if Christian Ponder is able to get him the ball. The only problem is the Packers’ defensive backs are going to be all over Jennings to ensure he does not have a big game. That means even if the former Packer does not directly make a difference, his presence will at least give other wide receivers a decent opportunity.

It will be interesting to see if the 30-year-old will be able to put his statistics where his mouth is on Sunday.

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