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2013 NFL Trade Deadline: 5 Potential Landing Spots For Kenny Britt

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2013 NFL Trade Deadline: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Kenny Britt

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Tennessee Titans; wide receiver Kenny Britt was on the verge of becoming considered an elite player in the NFL just a few years ago. Then, injuries and off the field issues halted his progress, and he can’t seem to recover.

The 2013 NFL season has not been kind to Britt. He has had six receptions for zero touchdowns and less than 70 total yards, despite a dangerous new-found passing offense from third year quarterback Jake Locker. Britt looks frustrated out on the field and it’s showing up in his play.

The Titans have a very talented group of young receivers, led by veteran Nate Washington. Kendall Wright looks to have what it takes to be one of the better receivers in the NFL, and rookie Justin Hunter has proven that he is great in red zone situations. Damian Williams trained with Usain Bolt in the offseason to get even faster. Tennessee no longer relies on Britt’s production throughout the game; he’s no longer an essential piece to the Titans’ success.

Tennessee has gone from a team of explosive plays from Britt and Chris Johnson, to a team that relies on the team working together as a whole to win games. In all honesty, Britt is no longer needed by the Titans team that drafted him.

However, Britt isn’t done in the NFL yet; he has too much all around talent for him to just fade away. He needs to be traded away, not just for the Titans’ sake, but for his as well. Tennessee could use a draft pick or a decent player for him in order to increase their depth as a potential playoff bound team, and Britt could use a team to get him back into the swing of things. Trading Britt would be good for both the Titans organization and Britt himself, but where to?

Here are five potential landing spots for the talented receiver.

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No. 5 Philadelphia Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles are struggling at finding a receiver opposite of DeSean Jackson, and Britt could be the perfect fit. He’s big, strong and can make spectacular plays when he’s in form.

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No. 4 New York Jets

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With their future riding on rookie quarterback Geno Smith, the New York Jets need a few receivers that can make big plays. Although he’s quieted down recently, Britt has big play capability.

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No. 3 Kansas City Chiefs

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Alex Smith likes to throw inside for short, sure gains. Britt is the type of player that would benefit from this style of offense like he did from Matt Hasselbeck a few years ago.

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No. 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need more wide receiving depth for their young quarterback, Mike Glennon. Britt is a drama queen and would be the star receiver next to Vincent Jackson. He would have a lot of success once the offensive line improves.

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No. 1 New England Patriots

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Britt's career yard per reception average is greater than that of every receiver on the New England Patriots roster. Tom Brady has no one to throw to. If he and Britt clicked, they could become one of the most dangerous quarterback/receiver duos in the NFL.