Bud Adams Had Best Return on Investment in the History of the NFL According to Forbes

By Dave Daniels
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Bud Adams sadly passed recently, and it sent shockwaves throughout Tennessee. He was quite a beloved owner, and so many of his former players and coaches have tweeted out their love recently.

What I did not know was that Adams got a better return out of his NFL investment than any other owner in pro football history. That is remarkable, and it is just a shame as I think back to the Super Bowl in 2000 where the Titans came one freaking yard away from winning the whole thing. That was a tough pill to swallow I’m sure for many down in Tennessee, but the news below hopefully brings some joy.

This piece by Forbes was quite excellent, and here is an excerpt.

“Adams helped launch the American Football League with Lamar Hunt in 1960. He was awarded the Houston Oilers franchise for the league’s $25,000 expansion fee. Five decades later the value of the since-relocated Titans hit $1.06 billion in Forbes latest NFL valuations. The record 24% annualized gain (before inflation) is narrowly ahead of other early AFL investors Hunt and Ralph Wilson.”

That is a lot of peanut butter there folks, and though the Titans are probably in for a rough time of it, they had an owner for many years who took his role passionately. If we could all say the same at the end of our lives, then we have done quite well.

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