Giants vs. Eagles: Philadelphia Needs To Protect Michael Vick

By Ryan Wenzell
Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

There is one key to the game that will be crucial in the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New York Giants: Protection.

Michael Vick looks slated to come back and start at quarterback on Sunday, but he may not be 100 percent healed. Regardless, even not at 100 percent he is clearly the Eagles’ best option at quarterback. On a day where Vick may not be healthy the offensive line doing their job and not allowing Vick to get pressured or hit will be especially important.

The line did a poor job last week against the Dallas Cowboys. Despite not having their best pass rusher in DeMarcus Ware they consistently pressured the quarterback with castoffs and journeymen like George Selvie and Kyle Wilber. It was inexcusable for the line to play like that against lesser players and a team missing their best  player on defense.

The line needs a bounce back effort. Jason Peters has been a bit off of his game of late. He needs to get back in gear against a talented Giants defensive line that includes Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck.

Sunday is a huge game for the Eagles. They win and they finish the Giants off for good and are still in the thick of the race in the NFC East. They lose and their season is in real jeopardy of going down the toilet.

4-4 looks a heck of a lot better than 3-5. The Eagles will need to play much more fundamentally sound and disciplined football than they did last week on both sides to come away with a win. Keep in mind despite winning this is a bad Giants football team. With Vick healthy I see an Eagles victory, finally winning at home after over a year of home losing.

Final prediction: Eagles win 30-17.

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