Greg Schiano Losing Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Locker Room

By Ryan Wenzell
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

These are rough times for Greg Schiano and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They fell to 0-7 after getting walloped by the Carolina Panthers and emerging star quarterback Cam Newton.

Schiano’s job is in serious jeopardy in only his second season not just because of the Bucs’ record, but because of his style of coaching. Schiano has a dictatorial way of getting his message across — my way or the highway. This may work in the locker room on a winning ball club, but when losses are piling up it only adds major fuel to the fire.

This is the situation Schiano is dealing with. He is currently losing the locker room. One former player went as far as to say playing for Schiano was “like being in Cuba.” It is clear Schiano is not a player’s coach.

We see that his methods that are frowned upon by many in the league when on multiple occasions, he told defenders to fire off the ball during the opponent’s kneel-down. He likes to play to the last whistle. I’m not sure players on either team appreciate that.

Schiano seems like a bit of a bully head coach. He might have been able to get away with this type of coaching in college, but this is the big boy’s league. Veterans treat this as a livelihood to provide for their families. In this day and age, this type of coaching doesn’t fly.

If the Bucs keep losing and Schiano keeps getting bad mouthed by his own players former and current, it will be time to make a change. The Bucs will be looking for their second head coach in three seasons all because Schiano failed to adapt to pro football.

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