Top 5 Coaches That Could Be Gone Before Season’s End

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Top 5 NFL Coaches That Could Be Gone Before Season's End

Fire Schiano

As the coaching carousel spins round and round, there are always casualties. There’s the coach that people wanted out prior to the season, the one the GM has lost faith in and of course the total dud! There are those that live up to their team’s expectations, those that exceed them and, of course the latter. Therefore there is always the rumor mill that will throw up names and jobs on the hot seat. As of this point in the season, there are plenty of coaches that could be getting their pink slip depending how the rest of the season unfolds. There are a few that may actually get the axe prior to the end of Week 17.

For whatever their respectable reason may or may not be for their team’s lack of production, I believe that these coaches (one of them for sure) will not be the HC of their respective squads come the 2014 season. So, check out the top 5 coaches in my opinion that are currently on the hot seat and may not make it until season’s end. You can’t always blame the coach for the team's faults, but as we all know, in the sports industry the head coach is usually the first one to go. We have seen it in all sports, it’s just the goat that all GMs and Owners will use (rather than their “star” players). There are plenty of variables, but it’s always an interesting angle to see who could be the next coach on the chopping block.

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5. Mike Smith

Mike Smith

The Atlanta Falcons were Super Bowl or bust. Injuries on top of poor defensive play are proving that Coach Smith/Matty Ice combo isn’t perfect. I really only feel bad for Tony Gonzalez who thought this team was a contender for MetLife Stadium. Depending on how this team finishes, could Mike Smith be looking for another job? With such high expectations, its tough to live up to the hype and rather work your way back into the good graces of your fans. I give it a 20 percent chance he’s gone.

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4. Gary Kubiak

Gary Kubiak

This is another coach that I really think is on the hot seat. This team, much like Atlanta, was a Super Bowl or bust. Matt Schaub has confidence issues (and is hurt), Arian Foster is still playing not 100 percent and the defense is slowly wilting away. What once was all sunshine and rainbows in Houston is now looking quite bleak. I give it a 40 percent chance he’s gone. This team needs a spark, and I don’t think it's Case Keenum

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3. Leslie Frazier

Leslie Fraizer

Here's a messy QB situation, and a defense that can't stop a nose bleed. All they have is AP and reports are they're going to trade him? If they do, Leslie Frazier should just step down. Minnesota always has high hopes, especially being a playoff team a season ago, that’s not happening in 2013. There's a 45 percent chance he’s out.

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2. Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fischer
Joe Nicholson-USA-TODAY-Sports

Fisher was a half-yard from a Super Bowl victory. You would hope his previous success could translate, but that’s not the case in St. Louis. With Sam Bradford out, this team is going straight down the tubes. So much for Tavon Austin's Rookie of the Year hopes when you don’t have anyone to throw you the ball and no running game to be established. This whole unit is a mess, and it doesn’t look like it's getting any easier. I give it a 50-50 shot he’s out of a job in St. Louis by season’s end.

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1. Greg Schiano

Greg Schiano
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Where do I get to start? They had the potential preseason to be a dark horse wildcard team. They had a running back that had a funny nickname, a QB that fits (or fit) this new model within the NFL of the spread, and a revamped defense surrounding around a previous All-Pro corner, Darrelle Revis. Already off to an 0-7 start, they dumped Josh Freeman, and this team is a mess! Fans are already buying billboards with “Fire Schiano”. This isn’t Rutgers; this is the NFL. Chalk up Greg as a coach that just couldn’t hack it in the NFL as a HC. He’s done this season if not sooner for sure. 100 percent he’s OUT.