15 Most Overrated Players in NFL

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15 Most Overrated Players in the NFL

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With all the player rankings and things us writers say and write about all the players in the NFL, we put a lot of expectations on players. Us writers and reporters expect those players to meet up to our ranking, our expectation or our criteria. Players age and get injured, but sometimes players just don't meet their potential. Sometimes too much is expected of them, but often times, they just simply seem to not work hard enough. In today's game, teams look for players they can rely on for multiple seasons, not just a guy who will be productive at times. So, when players have a good season or show a lot of potential, teams like to bank on them and put their faith in them. Sometimes players don't work hard enough, sometimes they get injured and sometimes they're just plain overrated (ahem, Ryan Leaf). Maybe sometimes analysts and reporters just drop the ball and don't look enough at every part of a player's game. Is it their fault or is it ours? That question may never be answered, but the fact of the matter is players get overpaid and overrated, and it's our job to release our opinions onto the world. So, right now, you're going to get a taste of mine. Hopefully this will spark up some discussion. There is a comments section and I do have a Twitter. Please disagree with me. Use your freedom of speech.

First, I'll start off with three honorable mentions:

HONORABLE MENTION #1: QB Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford might actually end up being one of the biggest draft busts ever. The No. 1 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft has had a very unsuccessful career. While some of it can be blamed on injuries and a terrible offensive line, a No. 1 pick should be able to adapt to what they have to work with after three seasons of being a starter. And while injuries have set Bradford back, he hasn't lived up to his potential or hype at all.

HONORABLE MENTION #2: QB Eli Manning,New York Giants: If Manning didn't have two Super Bowl rings under his belt, he would be high up on this list. But, then again, if he didn't have two super bowl rings, maybe he wouldn't be as highly praised as he is. While he has had some shining moments, overall, his career has been very inconsistent, especially where decision making is concerned. This season proves that maybe Manning isn't the quarterback he's hyped up to be. He threw three picks in every game up until Monday. Ouch. If Eli really was an elite quarterback, he would still play well when his team struggles. That's what separates the elite from the not. Aaron Rodgersproved that he is elite by still playing well without any of his core receivers. Matt Schaubproved that he is not elite the same way Manning has to me.

HONORABLE MENTION #3: QB Tim Tebow, Free Agent: Look, I know it kind of doesn't make sense to have an unsigned player on an overrated list, but up until this season, Tebow was immensely overrated. The New England Patriots were the only team that had the balls to tell him the truth. He's just not built to be an NFL quarterback. The "magical" season with the Denver Broncos was more thanks to Matt Praterand the Denver defense than anyone else. That season, Tebow thrived off of other team's mistakes and misques. Last season he was with another man that at the time was overrated, Mark Sanchez. The reason why Tebow got onto the honorable mentions is because I believe him to be the most overrated player in a single season ever.

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15. CB Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals

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Patrick Petersonis one of, if not the best defensive player on the Arizona Cardinals. Peterson is without a doubt one of the best defensive backs in the league, and although he is praised as the best, he definitely is not. While Peterson is productive in many areas, he isn't consistent. Last season, he grabbed seven picks, but also yielded six touchdowns. His special teams production has also slowed down tremendously from his rookie season where he impressed everyone.

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14. RB Arian Foster, Houston Texans

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Arian Fosteris ridiculous, let's just get that straight before I go any further. He is the most aware running back in the game right now. He knows how to use blocks better than any back in the game. But that's exactly the thing; his offesnive line has always been great. Foster gets a lot of praise, but the Houston Texans stellar O-line has never gotten any. Foster is great at running through holes and working with blockers, but when they're not productive, neither is he. His YPC average has dropped every season and on top of that, he is very injury prone. Foster has had a productive career for sure, but how much of it was because of him?
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13. CB, Champ Bailey, Denver Broncos

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Champ Baileyhas received high praise for as long as I can remember, and while he was a very productive back for a long time, he was never the best. The Broncos still pay him and treat him as if he is a top-notch cornerback, when in reality, all his injuries have taken a toll on him. He can't really keep up with the games top, quick receivers anymore and struggles to cover down. Champ's overall career has been fabulous, but at this point, especially since he's injured again, it might be time to hang it up.

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12. WR Greg Jennings, Minnesota Vikings

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Greg Jenningswas crazy good when Aaron Rodgerswas throwing him the ball for the Green Bay Packers, but in Minnesota with mediocre quarterbacks throwing him the ball, he hasn't been as great. From 2008-2011, Jennings averaged about 73 receptions per season. Last season, an injury-riddled one to be fair, he grabbed 36. This season, he is on pace for around 65 receptions, but the Minnesota Vikings brought him in to be a replacement for long-time star Percy Harvin. That's a lot for an aging, injury-prone player to live up to.

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11. RB, Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders


Darren McFaddenreceived a lot of hype coming up out of college, and has had some really bright moments, but his career has been filled with injuries thus far, yielding a drop in production. His style of play has gotten him injured just about every season so far in his career. The last two seasons he's only played 19 games, and has neverplayed a full season. So, for now, McFadden is overrated simply because he physically can't live up to his hype right now.

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10. RB Trent Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

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Trent Richardsonmay have been a stud at Alabama and the third pick of the draft, but his NFL career has been dissapointing, so far. To be fair, we haven't given the man much time, and he was working with the Cleveland Browns all of last season, but still, 3.6 yards per carry last season? When someone is as high a pick as Richardson, he should be more productive than that. We don't use a bad offensive line for an excuse for guys like Chris Johnson, so why should it be one for Richardson? We'll see how he fairs with the Indianapolis Colts. I think he'll get better.

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9. DE Justin Tuck, New York Giants

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In the past, Justin Tuckhas been an important player for the New York Giants, but was he really ever that great? He's had three really impressive seasons in his career: 2007, 2008 and 2010. In those seaons, he averaged roughly around 11 sacks and nearly 70 tackles. While injuries have hurt the defensive end, since 2010, his numbers have dropped in a jaw-dropping fashion. In 2011 and 2012, he had just nine sacks and 82 tackles combined. In between 2009, he wasn't injured at all and posted just six sacks. This season, he's on pace for around four sacks and he's played every game. In the 2012 season, there were times when I was wondered how he was ever an elite pass rusher.

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8. RB Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans

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Do I even have to explain myself on this one? Chris Johnsonhas been arguably the most disappointing player in the NFL the last two or three seasons. CJ2K had just five games last season where he rushed for over 100 yards, and in those games, most of his yards came off one long run. Johnson has just pretty much completely lost what originally made him a feared running back in the NFL. While the offesnive line has gotten worse, a truly elite running back should be able to adapt to their offesnive line. Look at C.J. Spillerand Fred Jackson. There aren't any excuses for them. I guess we just really dropped the ball on Johnson.

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7. WR Mike Wallace, Miami Dolphins

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Mike Wallaceis without a shadow of a doubt the most overpaid wide receiver in the game. Who the heck gave this guy a six-year, $60 million contract? He's already proved that he isn't worth it this season alone. Maybe Ben Roethlisberger made him look better than he really was, but being a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, even I was disappointed in how much his production dropped from 2010 and 2011 to last season. And that was in Pittsburgh, where he wasn't even making a lot of money. Wallace is one of the fastest in the game, but when you drop perfect throws, especially in the first game of the season after making $60 million, you've got to be pretty concerned.

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6. QB Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

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Michael Vickhas always been relatively overrated. I think it's because of how exciting he was as a player running the ball ever since the start, but Vick has always been overrated as an overall quarterback. For starters, Vick is probably the most injury-prone player in the NFL, and it's his fault. Especially since he's been with the Philadelphia Eagles, he has never protected himself as a quarterback who runs in that manner should. Vick has only played one full seasonin his NFL career (11 seasons). On top of that, he has never been a great passer. With the exception of 2010, his touchdown:interception differential has been within 10 every season. Vick is just a very average quarterback where decision making is concerned, and in my opinion, the Eagles have put too much reliance on him.

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5. DE Mario Williams, Buffalo Bills

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When the Buffalo Bills picked up Mario Williamsin 2012, he was praised as if he was the second-coming of Jesus and was going to save the franchise. Then, he picked up six combined tackles (no that's not an exaggeration, six combined tackles) and 10.5 sacks. The Bills defense is actually very good right now, but I would give more credit to guys like Kiko Alonso than Williams. The former No. 1 overall pick has been in steady decline since the 2008 season, and while he left a legacy with the Houston Texans, he is not worth $100 million right now.

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4. QB Josh Freeman, Minnesota Vikings

Freeman blowz
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It would have been foolish of me to not at least acknowledge Josh Freemanon this list. Not only has he been ridiculously inconsistent on the field, but he has caused more pointless drama than any other player in the NFL this season. While there have been times where Freeman has looked good, he threw 39 interceptions total in 2011 and 2012. There just seems to be some kind of mental breakdown in Freeman. His mechanics are shaky and he is just so inconsistent. You never know what kind of game he is going to have. After causing unnecessary distraction in the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's locker room all season, he quickly got picked up by the desperate Minnesota Vikings a couple of weeks ago, and they decided to give Freeman a shot at starting after just a few days of practice. His stats? 20-for-53 for 193 yards and an interception.

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3. QB Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

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Remember that overrated doesn't mean not good. It took me a while to see it, but Tony Romo is a very good quarterback. But Romo has been considered overrated for as long as I can remember now. Why? There are a lot of reasons why that aren't his fault, such as how much publicity the Dallas Cowboys get as "America's Team" and their legacy of great quarterbacks puts him under a lot of scrutiny. Also, his thing with dating beautiful celebrities has gotten him into the paparazzi and news life, which puts even more scrutiny under him. Besides all that, though, Romo was like LeBron James. No one was going to stop bugging LeBron until he got that ring. Romo will always be overrated until he gives the Cowboys a good postseason run and closes out games. He has a lot of pressure on him being this team's quarterback, we all get that, but he chokes every time they need him to be clutch. Romo has been as good as the game's best at times. He's no Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, but he plays at such a high-level at times you might think he is. Until Romo at least doesn't blow a game by his own doing and wins playoff games, he will always be overrated in America's eyes. $17 million per season is too much for a quarterback who barely ever makes the playoffs.

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2. QB Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

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Joe Flaccois another good NFL quarterback that has seemingly always been deemed overrated. He had an amazing rookie season and he has been a great postseason quarterback. He won a Super Bowl and a Super Bowl MVP in his fifth season. He hasn't missed a game in his career and his record is 57-30. That's the good news. Flacco has been a ridiculously inconsistent regular-season quarterback, and he is continuously praised as one of the NFL's best. In reality, four rookies had a better overall season than him last season: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. And what's really important is, coming off of his Super Bowl victory, he's been average at best. Eight touchdowns to eight interceptions and about a 60 percent completion rate in a 3-4 start. And that's after he became able to boast his six-year, $120 million contract.

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1. WR Danny Amendola, New England Patriots

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In a lot of ways, it's more the New England Patriots' fault than it is Danny Amendola's fault that he is No. 1 on this list, but it is what it is. Brought in from the St. Louis Rams, Amendola was signed by New England to replace Wes Welker. That's a big job, too big for Danny Amendola, especially coming off of a season where he only 63 receptions for 666 yards. On top of that, he seems to get injured all the time, and this season has been no different thus far, as he's played three out of seven games. Amendola actually hasn't even had a season that really jumps out at you as amazingly impressive. In fact, Amendola has only 1,885 receiving yards total in his entire career. Welker had 1,354 yards just last season. So, how did Amendola become the replacement of the prodigious Welker? The world may never know.

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