NFL Preview: New York Jets vs Cincinnati Bengals

By Aydin Reyhan
Andy Dalton
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets will be visiting the Cincinnatti Bengals in a game that is expected to be just as difficult, or even more so, than the Gang Green victory at the Atlanta Falcons.

Andy Dalton has been playing some decent football for his Bengals, as he has been throwing them to victory after victory. Now, they are actually on a three-game winning streak and will look to make it No. 4 to boost their record up to 6-2.

Honestly, that is something that could be done against a Jets team that doesn’t know the meaning of consistent.

Last week, it took a huge decision from the referee to punish the New England Patriots with a penalty that ended up practically handing the victory to the home side. The Jets were leading for much of the second half until the Pats tied it just in time to push it into OT.

Now, Geno Smith knows that he has to come up with something against a Bengals side that is very difficult to defeat on home turf. His offensive line has to protect him at all times as usual, and he himself needs to continue improving on throwing the ball both close and far down the field to open teammates when he does not hand the ball off for a quick rushing play.

Prediction: Jets 21, Bengals 30

It is just too hard to see the Jets winning this one, as Dalton is the more experienced QB with the better teammates around him on both ends of the ball.

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