2013 NFL Trade Deadline: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Adrian Peterson

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2013 NFL Trade Deadline: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Adrian Peterson

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It is extremely unlikely that the Minnesota Vikings will unload their running back Adrian Peterson since he is the type of player that comes around once in a decade, if not longer. Peterson is a home run hitter every time he touches the ball, and he has shown that game in and game out. The five teams that have been considered for possibly acquiring Peterson are based on team positional need, scheme fit, assets and potential for the future of their franchise.

Peterson has had a down season with the Vikings, especially compared to his 2012 season where he was just eight yards short of the NFL single season rushing record. Despite this down year, the Vikings could get a king’s ransom easily for Peterson in the way of an elite player, several draft picks or a combination of both.

If Peterson in fact does gets dealt away from the Twin Cities and goes to the right team, he could make a certain team a whole lot better just by his mere presence on the football field. Also after a full offseason with a new team, he will only get better as he gels and builds unity with his new brothers in arms in a different city.

All in all it’ll be interesting to see what happens next if anything with Adrian Peterson if the Minnesota Vikings can find a willing trade partner that’s willing to give up a ton on Tuesday at 4 PM. The almighty question will be what would that team give up for the best running back in the game today?

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5. Miami Dolphins

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Simply put, Lamar Miller of the Miami Dolphins isn't cutting it now that he's getting the majority of carries. Adding someone like Adrian Peterson would be downright deadly down in South Beach. The only deterrent to this would be how would they afford all of this talent?

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4. Oakland Raiders

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This could be fairly realistic since Darren McFadden is clearly not the answer in Oakland, and without him on the team the Raiders might have some wiggle room with the cap. Also it seems with Terrelle Pryor at the helm the read option would become beyond deadly and could help flip the AFC West.

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3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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With Doug Martin out for the year with a torn labrum in his shoulder, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could get desperate. When Martin returns, the Bucs would have the best tandem in the NFL and it wouldn't be close -- not to mention this year they might actually win a game too.

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2. Arizona Cardinals

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The Arizona Cardinals are an extremely one-dimensional team, and adding someone like Adrian Peterson would make teams respect their offense much more. That being said, it is a wonder if the Cardinals would give up such an early pick, possibly even a top ten one. If they do they might give the Vikings two early picks, but they would have a clear-cut top running attack for years to come.

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1. St. Louis Rams

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This is the team that it could really happen with as the St. Louis Rams have two first round picks to unload. Peterson would give them a freakishly good and young offense led by the best running back in the NFL.

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