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5 Reasons Why The Philadelphia Eagles Cannot Win At Home

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5 Reasons Why Eagles Cannot Win at Home

Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

One of sports greatest mysteries continues to unfold in Philadelphia as the NFL franchise representing the town cannot win a home game.

For a fan base so celebrated it was made the focal point of a major motion picture, "Silver Linings Playbook", it is hard to believe that one of the greatest home-field advantages in the NFL is now a major liability for one of the league’s fledgling franchise teams, but that’s just what has happened to the Philadelphia Eagles.

After a loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, the Eagles now have lost 10-straight games at home which is mind-boggling considering that once under a forgettable coach named Rich Kotite, the Eagles were 8-0 at home. They finished that season 8-8 overall in 1993 and Kotite finished his career as a 40-56 coach in 1996.

Now they have sunk to a new low in front of their fans as a streak this long has never happened in the five stadiums the Eagles have played in prior to Lincoln Financial Field -- Veterans Stadium, Franklin Field, Baker Bowl, Municipal Stadium and Shibe Park

Actually, it never happened in any home park where the Eagles played. While at Veterans Stadium, the Eagles had one of the best home-field advantages in the league. In addition to the fans, they had a cement-like playing surface called Astroturf that opposing teams feared playing on while the Eagles themselves were familiar, if not comfortable, with it.

From September of 2012 through the last game in October of this season, the Eagles have lost every single home game. The 10-game streak is the franchise’s worst-ever. There have been only 15 longer home losing streaks in NFL history, and the Eagles are now within four home losses of the record of 14, shared by the 1988 and 1989 Cowboys and 2008 through 2010 Rams. Since the start of the 2011 NFL season, the Eagles are now 5-15.

Let the speculation begin about the why. Here are just five possible reasons.

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5. Sound Escapes Stadium

Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike Veterans Stadium, which was a closed bowl, the sound escapes from the West end zone of Lincoln Financial Field. At "The Vet" the opposing team could not hear their offensive signals. At LFF, no matter how loud the fans yell, the sound escapes from the open West bowl.

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4. Solar Panels Changed Mojo

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia is a blue-collar town, and the green solar panels installed in the parking lot a year ago by owner Jeff Lurie messed with the city's Karma. The city is more grease and oil-powered than it is solar-powered. Plus, the panels have taken the sunshine away and created a darker mood.

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3. The Economy

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When the team left The Vet for Lincoln Financial Field, the economy and personal seat licenses priced the poorer, more rowdy, fans out of the stadium. Now the wine and cheese crowd dominate many of the sections of the stadium.

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2. Beer Sales Cut Off

Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, beer sales were cut off after the third quarter; now, they are cut off at halftime, taking a lot of fuel out of the fans' enthusiasm.

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1. Michael Vick's Turnovers

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No quarterback has had more turnovers since September of 2012 at Lincoln Financial Field, or anywhere else for that matter, as Michael Vick, and that is probably the reason No. 1 why the Eagles cannot win. His first turnover on Sunday led to the Giants' first three points.