Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson Nearly Breaks Single-Game Receiving Record

By Michael Terrill

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush accumulated 120 yards of total offense while quarterback Matthew Stafford made one of the most intelligent/gutsy plays of the season. With all that being said who was Detroit’s Most Valuable Player against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8?

Calvin Johnson had a monstrous game. It was one of those performances a fan is lucky to see once a decade. He may have only found the end zone once, but he also came within eight yards of breaking the all-time NFL record for most yards gained in a single game. That’s right, Johnson’s 329 receiving yards was just seven yards shy of Flipper Anderson’s 336 yards through the air that he achieved in a contest in 1989.

Stafford had the play of the game when he tricked the Cowboys, the Lions and everyone lucky enough to watch into thinking he was going to clock the ball with 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter instead of jumping over the line for a one-yard touchdown. Obviously, the smart play paid off. Nonetheless, it was a very bold move, especially since Detroit was out of timeouts.

Even though Stafford’s quick thinking was the reason for the win, Johnson’s performance was simply too legendary to ignore. In any other case Stafford would have been the MVP of the contest, but not giving the award to Johnson would be insane.

In just seven games this season, Johnson has 821 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. What might be even more impressive is that he is averaging 17.5 yards per reception.

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