Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson Step Up Big In Fourth Quarter

By Ron Gleeson

It took a while for a shootout to begin between Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo on Sunday, but it was truly better late than never. A total of 31 points were scored in the fourth quarter between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, but it was Stafford who outperformed his counterpart to give Detroit the 31-10 win.

Stafford ran in from one-yard out for the game-tying touchdown with 12 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter, and the point after from David Akers gave the Lions their one-point victory. Stafford finished with 488 yards and a touchdown in the air.

Stafford truly was great in the fourth, outdueling Romo who had a great game himself. Romo connected on two deep passes in the fourth quarter; the first went to Terrance Williams for 60 yards and the second to Dez Bryant for 50 yards. Stafford and Romo traded off touchdown drives for the majority of the final quarter, but the Lions defense holding the Cowboys to just a field goal with 1:02 left to keep the lead at six was huge for Detroit.

The game also featured a showdown between two wide receivers considered to be the best in the NFL: Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson. There’s no question who the best is anymore after Sunday’s game. Johnson hauled in 14 passes for a whopping 329 yards and a touchdown. Bryant wasn’t terrible, but Johnson was otherworldly, even though he found the end zone one less time than Bryant. When a player like Johnson goes out and makes a statement with 329 receiving yards in a game when he knew his performance would be compared to Bryant’s, he left the Cowboy wideout in the dust.

The duo of Stafford and Johnson is running on all cylinders right now. They’ve connected on three touchdowns in their past two games. This is all good news for the Detroit Lions.

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