Dez Bryant's Temper Tantrums Suggest Dallas Cowboys Chaos

By Kris Hughes
Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is one of the coolest customers, and most professional work-a-day players in the NFL. He simply does his job without all the trash talking we see from so many other guys with his same level of talent. While Witten is patient, he has a breaking point like anyone else.

As petulant wideout Dez Bryant threw his second temper tantrum of the afternoon on the Cowboys’ sideline as the Lions were about to go ahead with 12 seconds left in their matchup against the Detroit Lions, we saw Witten reach his breaking point and taking on the task which no one seems willing to take on, calling Bryant out straight up, to his face:

From FanSided

While Bryant had two touchdowns in the contest, the notion that this was a breakout game for him, a game that would prove he was in competition for the best wideout in the NFL title along with Calvin “Megatron” Johnson would quickly be dispelled. Johnson had the game of his career, hauling in 329 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Bryant — in typical Bryant fashion — obviously believed he was not being targeted enough on the day and as the image below shows, in the third quarter stormed off the field and begin to scream at anyone who would listen as multiple people, including Cowboys quarterback coach Derek Dooley, head coach Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo himself just turned their shoulders:

From BuzzFeed

Bryant’s tantrums are hardly out of the ordinary, but the fact neither Dooley, nor Romo, nor Jason Garrett were willing to do anything more than turn a shoulder to Bryant instead of bringing him back down a notch in whatever way necessary suggests a bigger issue on the Cowboys’ sideline. Romo, as the Cowboys quarterback has to take on the care of this situation regardless of whether it’s something he wants to do.

Jason Witten, instead, took it on his shoulders, proving he may be the only leader in a roster full of followers. Witten’s efforts are as praise-worthy as Bryant’s are deplorable, but regardless, it’s further proof the Cowboys are just a few bad games from imploding from within.

Dez Bryant may be talented, but he’s a child, and sometimes children need to be reminded their place.

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