Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Josh Gordon Makes Great Impression In Kansas City

By Aaron Charles

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one thing we learned in the Cleveland Browns’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, it’s that Josh Gordon should be traded. The Browns may not be mathematically eliminated, but barring a total collapse from the Cincinnati Bengals, their chances at the postseason are slim to none.

If Sunday was an audition for Gordon, he definitely got the part somewhere. With five receptions for 132 yards and a TD, Gordon led Cleveland to a near upset of the Chiefs. On top of that, he did it with yet another unfamiliar quarterback, as this was Jason Campbell’s first start with the Browns. Campbell is the third quarterback to start for Cleveland this season, which should speak to Gordon’s ability to gain quick chemistry with a new QB.

Alex Smith should be the fourth starter to throw passes to Gordon this year. As Kansas City saw up close and personal, Gordon is an extremely dangerous deep threat, which is an area of need for the Chiefs. Coming into Sunday’s contest, KC was 26th in the league with 211 passing yards per game and 28th in yards per attempt with 6.3.

The passing game is the Chiefs’ biggest soft spot, and if they want to compete with the best in the league, they’re going to need a boost. Kansas City cannot keep expecting their defense to carry them through the end of the season. They’ve been fortunate to have a soft schedule early on, and some weak teams have given them a good scare. Against tougher competition, the Chiefs’ offense is going to need to step up, and Gordon would be a major improvement to their biggest weakness.

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