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Peyton Manning Will Have To Gut It Out For Denver Broncos

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning will have to deal with two ankle sprains today against the Washington Redskins. One is a high ankle sprain that usually sidelines players at least a few weeks. Manning will rely on painkillers to get him through today before the Denver Broncos have a much-needed bye week.

Manning will clearly be less than 100 percent. Remember how gutsy a player Manning is; before a few seasons ago with his career threatening neck injury, he had never missed a game and the torch had been passed from Brett Favre to him as the league’s next iron man. He just never missed a game.

This is a guy who earlier in his career with the Indianapolis Colts actually played through a game with a broken jaw. Manning may not have the look of a tough guy, but he certainly is that. It will be fascinating to see how this affects Manning and the Broncos’ passing game.

He certainly looked off a few times with some wobbly passes last Sunday night against his old team, the Colts. The injury and not being able to plant with his feet properly could have been a major reason for this.

Regardless, whatever injury Manning has he won’t let it become a hindrance or a vulnerability out there. He is the type of warrior that battles through and just finds a way regardless of circumstance. Could this injury limit Manning in some ways sure? It won’t stop the Broncos offense from being explosive or the Broncos from winning this game though.

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