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5 Players the New England Patriots Should Trade Away

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5 Patriots Who Are Worth Trading

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The New England Patriots have been insurmountably lucky so far this season. Outside of an interesting call against Chris Jones in overtime against the New York Jets last weekend, it seems that they have been able to take advantage of every call that went their way and every mistake the other teams make.

They need to take advantage of this and try to swap some of its dead weight for somebody that could actually help their team during the second half of their season. They play in an inconsistent division, with the Jets, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills all seemingly play as different teams each week. The teams that the Patriots need to gear up for are the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs once they get to the playoffs.

They are about to get some healthy players back. Most notably is Aqib Talib and Shane Vereen, who will make other players expendable. Their schedule does not get any easier this season, with trips to Carolina, Baltimore and Miami still on the slate. They welcome Denver and Pittsburgh in two rivalry games that could go any way based on the hatred these teams feel for each other.

Tom Brady is going to need to play much better throughout the season for this team to contend. He could definitely use some more weapons on offense. Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft need to notice that they have to upgrade their team. There is plenty to be done, and they can do it without having to lose draft picks in the process. That is unless you go after Larry Fitzgerald, then throw the farm at them to get him in New England.

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5. Tavon Wilson

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Tavon Wilson is one of those players that just seemed like he was going to be a bust the day he came to New England. He has yet to play much this season due to a hamstring issue. He has the talent to make plays, but it seems like the Patriots are better with or without him. They currently have Steve Gregory and Devin McCourty starting for them and Adrian Wilson and Nate Ebner for next year. Wilson should go to a team that he doesn't have the mantra of being a second-round pick. He will do better elsewhere, and will be given a shot with safety being one of the weakest positions in the NFL.

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4. Dane Fletcher

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Dane Fletcher had one of the best games of his career this past week. He posted a huge sack at the end of the game that sealed the game for the Patriots. Even with the Mayo injury, Fletcher is not a necessary cog on this team. He could get much more playing time on other teams that could use his pass rushing ability. He is a veteran that has worked hard to get where he is. Sell high on him while you still can.

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3. Ryan Mallett

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This one may be hard to do since Ryan Mallett is the only quarterback besides Brady on the roster. The fact is they have him on here is because they were willing to trade him before the draft this season. His value might be very high right now. Brady Quinn currently has a job in the NFL. Matt Cassel is still getting starting jobs off of his one year with the Patriots. Mallett may be traded and Belichick may just bring a quarterback off the street to watch Brady play.

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2. LeGarrette Blount

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With Leon Washington and Shane Vereen both coming back from injury relatively soon, LeGarrette Blount seems like he could be the odd man out. Brandon Bolden has played well this season. Stevan Ridley has fixed his early season fumbling problem. Blount is just an extra at this point. He has played very well in the time he has been given. Two teams that could definitely use him is the New Orleans Saints and the St Louis Rams.

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1. Kyle Arrington

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The Patriots just brought Kyle Arrington back on a four-year, $16 million deal this offseason. They are going to need that cap space if they want to bring back Talib this offseason and they can't waste it on the same position. Logan Ryan and Marquice Cole have played extremely well as rookies and show that they don't need to pay Arrington at this point. They have four good CBs outside of him when you add Alfonzo Dennard to the mix. A team with cornerback need will take on that contract.