Adam 'Pacman' Jones Allegedly Threatened David Nelson; WR Should Know Better

By Andrew Fisher
Adam Jones
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones allegedly ‘threatened’ New York Jets‘ wide receiver David Nelson. A source reportedly relayed to a Jets’ beat writer that Jones told Nelson, “I’m going to find out where you live and come and get you.” Jones was apparently upset over being the victim of several dirty plays from Nelson.

“He was playing dirty. He cut me like four times after the play. Thank God I took my medicine today, I guess, and I didn’t go off. Hopefully, he’ll get fined. At least three fines. There were three real cheap shots after the play,” said Jones.

So as of now, this is a he said-he said situation. No one is going to give Jones the benefit of the doubt, because he hasn’t earned it with his past behavior.

I think it’s entirely possibly that he did make the comment to Nelson. But if I was the victim of several dirty plays, I might say some crazy stuff too. If you’re Nelson, why even go there? Did he really think it was a good idea to take some cheap shots (allegedly) at Pacman Jones? That’s just asking for it.

I don’t condone the alleged actions of either individual in this case. Making threatening comments is not wise, but either is the decision to play dirty against a guy with track record of questionable behavior.

Moral of the story – don’t poke the bear. Then you don’t have to worry about the bear tracking you down.


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