Brandon Meriweather Goes Lower Than Scum in Taking Shot at Brandon Marshall

By Ryan Heckman
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So, it has come to this.

“You’ve just got to go low now. You got to end people’s career. You got to tear people’s ACL’s,” Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather said in response to his style of play, according to ESPN.

“He feels like I need to be kicked out of the league? I feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out too. You tell me who you’d rather have: Somebody who plays aggressive on the field or somebody who beats up their girlfriend?”

This was Meriweather’s response to the comments made by Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall after their matchup in week seven where Meriweather took a couple of visibly lethal hits on he and receiver Alshon Jeffery.

Meriweather took a shot at Marshall, specifically, going back to his days with the Denver Broncos and alluding to the situation with he and his now-current wife.

Let me sound off on this real quickly, for those who are also just as upset about his comments as I am.

Meriweather plays the game the same way every single week, and has for every game of his career. He’s been fined, warned countless times. Look at how the guy plays the game. He leads with his head as if clearly desiring to knock somebody unconscious — every time. There’s no ‘ifs,’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it. Meriweather is a dirty player and refuses to change his style of play.

For this, the guy absolutely deserves to be suspended — and for more than just one game. What an insult by the NFL. One game? That’s a slap on the wrist in comparison to the damage he has caused so many players.

Secondly, for Meriweather to attack Marshall’s integrity and personal life in the way he did is unacceptable, inappropriate and quite frankly, makes him lower than the scum of the earth.

You want to criticize a guy that came out to the public about a mental disorder and went to get help, worked on his relationship, married the same woman he originally hurt and is now working closely with her to help spread awareness of mental health? Not only that, but he has completely turned his life around and is 100 percent devoted to his faith and family before his career in football.

That’s classy, sir; real classy.

Marshall has gone from one of the more controversial players in the league with off-the-field problems to a guy that cares more about others and their well-being than he does himself. So I counter Meriweather’s question by asking this: Would you rather have an underperforming, over-committing player that shows no regard for human health? Or, one of the better athletes in the game who also happens to be a selfless, classy and natural leader?

Easy answer, folks.

Meriweather not only deserves a suspension for his on-the-field attacks, but should be reprimanded for such inappropriate and lowly comments towards a class act athlete.

Shame on you, Mr. Meriweather. Shame on you.

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