Case Keenum Should Continue To Start For Houston Texans Until Wheels Fall Off

By Andrew Fisher
Case Keenum
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Kubiak isn’t hiding anything when it comes to his decision to start Case Keenum at quarterback in week nine. With the Houston Texans very much on the ropes at 2-5 this season, a change of pace at quarterback is one of the few moves the team has left. Kubiak kept his explanation simple: “Matt‘s (Schaub) health is fine. It’s a decision based on what I saw take place this week with Case.”

Part of the decision also had to be based on what Kubiak saw from Keenum in week seven. The second-year QB went on the road to arguably the toughest venue in the NFL and led the Texans to a near upset victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. It was his pro debut, but you couldn’t tell by the way he played.

Keenum wasn’t spectacular by any means, but he played smart football and gave the Texans a chance to pull out a late win. But regardless of the result, he still played better than Schuab had in weeks.

The underlying factor here is that Kubiak has to be coaching for his job at this point. This is a Texans teams that was supposed to make some real noise in the AFC playoffs this season, but now it looks like they’re headed for a losing record. Someone’s head will have to roll if they fall short again and the most likely candidate is Kubiak. Based on the decision that was just made, it looks like Schaub’s head has already started to roll.

Houston should stick with Keenum the rest of the way, simply because he’s their best option and they have nothing left to lose. Except of course, more games.


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