Cleveland Browns Finally Found Their Quarterback in Jason Campbell

By Michael Terrill
Cleveland Browns Finally Found Their Quarterback in Jason Campbell
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have the potential to be a very good football team. The only problem is the quarterback position has held them back for years. Even though the Browns lost to the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, it is quite clear the organization finally found their quarterback in Jason Campbell.

I understand it was only one game. However, that one game just happened to occur against arguably the best defense in the NFL. For Campbell to put up the numbers he did and keep the contest close throughout is impressive.

“My main focus today was to come out and play the best that I could play and do everything I can to help the team, but not overdue  too much because we have a lot of good players on this team that can make plays,” Campbell said, according to “I’ll approach each week with a sense of urgency, just trying to learn everything as quickly as possible, get myself up to speed with these guys and give ourselves a chance.

“Coming in, they were ranked No. 1 in a lot of categories, so we knew we had a big challenge. Once we got rolling as an offense, I thought things seemed to settle in for us. We’ve just got to come out a little bit faster than we did.”

The loss is a loss and an unfortunate one at that. The good news is the performance by the offense has given Cleveland reason to believe they have a shot to hang with the best of them. The Browns’ defense has been stellar this season so for the offense to get on the same page means great possibilities lie ahead for the struggling franchise.

Campbell completed 22 passes for 293 yards and two touchdowns.

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