Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant's Outburst Nothing to Worry About

By Michael Pidgeon
Dez Bryant
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

During the game yesterday between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions, there were a few altercations on the sidelines between Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and a few of his teammates. There were points in the game when Dez thought he should have been thrown the ball and took his frustrations out on the sidelines when it wasn’t thrown in his direction. Everyone has jumped the gun about all of this and have now started referring to Dez along the same lines as they used to refer to Terrell Owens which I feel is not necessary and completely overblown.

Owens was a regular offender of blowing up on sidelines in his quarterback’s faces. Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo were all victims of Owens, but they all put up with it because he was one of if not the best wide receiver when he was on the field. The only thing common in both of these situations is Romo. Tony was one of the few teammates Dez blew up at yesterday, but he wasn’t the only one.

Tight end Jason Witten was in a face to face altercation with Bryant when defensive end DeMarcus Ware had to step in and even put his hands on Bryant shaking him while trying to get him to wrap his head around exactly how he was acting. The way Dez was acting on the sidelines may not have been inappropriate, but it wasn’t completely unnecessary.

One moment that stands out to me was when Dez threw his hand up before the ball was snapped signaling he wanted the ball. Romo never looked his way and threw an incomplete pass to Dwayne Harris who may be a great special teams player but isn’t really a great receiver. If Romo would have acknowledged Dez, he would have seen Bryant beat his man and would have had a better shot at placing the ball in-between defenders to Dez instead of trying to split defenders and getting it to Harris.

Now if we were to bring this situation full circle and actually just let it marinate for a minute, everyone would be able to realize yesterday’s episode isn’t something to worry about. Dez has a fiery side, but he maintains his composure for the most part. All superstars get mad at times and it eventually boils over, but that’s generally because all they want to do is help their team to the best of their abilities. Dez is no different than any other superstar, but because of his questionable past he gets judged differently which quite frankly isn’t fair at all.

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