Dez Bryant Becoming Divisive Force In Dallas Cowboys' Locker Room

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant is as talented a receiver as there is in the league. He has all the physical skills in the world: size, speed, enormous hands and a great catching radius that allows him to snag balls out of the air.

Unfortunately, what isn’t there is great character. Bryant has a clear attitude problem. It has been a red flag of his since his college days, and was a big reason a talent like him fell late in the first round. Bryant’s character problems are starting to become glaringly obvious to the detriment of the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant was seen shouting on the Cowboys sideline multiple times at quarterback Tony Romo, head coach Jason Garrett and respected veteran tight end Jason Witten. Keep in mind that the first time he was seen getting into a screaming match on the sideline, the Cowboys were up by 10 points. They were winning the game by double digits.

This screams me-first personality. He wasn’t worried about the score or that the team was winning. He just wanted the ball and to get his statistics — a pathetic display by the immature Bryant.

Much of this could have to do with Bryant’s boasts earlier in the week. He claimed he could be every bit as good as the game’s best receiver, Calvin Johnson. Johnson showed him up in this game with a career day, pulling in 14 catches for an astounding 329 yards — eight yards short of the receiving record for a game. This clearly ticked Bryant off.

Instead of using it as fuel on the football field, he took it out on his teammates. Bryant’s talent is so great that some of this has to be tolerated. If he keeps it up though, this could be a Terrell Owens situation. You don’t want one player dividing a team. Bryant better get a hold of himself. No one player is bigger than the team. He may learn that the hard way if he keeps going down this path.

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