Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Team Needs To Make Trade Before Deadline

By Andrew Fisher
Jared Allen
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It’s not like the Minnesota Vikings were projected to make a Super Bowl run in 2013, but they also weren’t projected to be 1-6 after week eight, either. Things are falling apart in Minneapolis and it’s happening at a torrid pace. A year after Leslie Frazier was in the coach of the year conversation, his rear is now firmly on the hot seat. A year after Christian Ponder seemed to be taking some steps as a pro quarterback, he now looks to be headed to a new team or to the bench.

So when it comes to the topic of new teams, the Vikings could have a few candidates in that department. The trade deadline is just a few hours away and you have to wonder if GM Rick Spielman is on the phone talking about some of his players. Ponder doesn’t figure to be one of them yet, based on the fact that Frazier said he will continue to compete for the starting QB job. But third-string QB Matt Cassel is a different story.

In addition to Cassel, Jared Allen‘s name has continually come up in rumors over the past few days. He’s set to become a free agent at year’s end and I just don’t see him coming back to the Vikings. He makes way too much money and the Vikings are clearly trying to infuse their roster with youth. So rather than let Allen walk away at the end of the year, why not try to find contending team in need of pass-rusher at the deadline?

The only catch is that Allen is still owed more than $7 million for the remainder of the year, but it’s possible the Vikings could pick up part of the tab if they were getting a third round draft pick in return.

When it comes to Cassel, there are plenty of teams in need of QBs around the league. He’s not a reliable starter, but he’s a veteran who could be a solid backup in case of an injury.

With the 2013 season all but lost, the Vikings would be foolish if they didn’t try to execute a trade to try and get another draft pick or two for 2014.


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