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New York Jets: Geno Smith Is A ‘One-Win, One-Loss’ Quarterback

Marc Lebryk - USA TODAY Sports

Marc Lebryk – USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, they wanted out of the Mark Sanchez era. Now that they are in full swing of the Smith era, they are an ‘one win, one loss” team. The Jets and Smith had an opportunity to go on a two-game winning streak against the Cincinnati Bengals. Instead, they got pushed over by the Bengals, losing 49-9.

Smith’s time with the Jets has had its good moments and bad moments. He is ranked third in the NFL with 13 interceptions, only behind Eli Manning and Carson Palmer in that category and leading the AFC. Compared to his interceptions, he only has eight passing touchdowns.

Is that NFL starting quarterback ability to you? The Jets wanted to get out of the Sanchez turnover-prone era, but it seems as if they are still trying to figure out how to not find turnover-prone quarterbacks. Smith is getting sacked at an alarming rate with a total of 28, second in the NFL. This is the direct correlation of what happens when a rookie quarterback is immediately thrown into the starting lineup.

Smith is getting opportunities to throw the football. He has a total of 1,882 passing yards. His total passing yards puts him ahead of Tom Brady (1,824), Alex Smith (1,795), Ryan Tannehill ( 1,769) and Andrew Luck (1,574) in the AFC. His completion percentage is 59.4 percent, which places him 12th in the AFC and ahead of Brady (55.7) and E.J. Manuel (56.7). He is only second in the AFC East division, trailing only Tannehill who leads with 59.4 percent.

When the Jets win, Smith’s inequalities are masked by their top-ranked pass rush defense. When the Jets lose and their top-ranked defense is not getting to the quarterback, Smith’s ineptitude are heightened and go viral via social media. All of the qualities of Smith makes the Jets incapable of putting together a winning streak. So expect a win followed by a loss for the rest of the NFL season, Jet fans.

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