Philadelphia Eagles' Chip Kelly Can't Run his Offense With Matt Barkley

By Matt Shaner
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As the game ended on Sunday, the commentators made some interesting points. Chip Kelly, in an Andy Reid-style move, kept running the read-option offense with Matt Barkley.

The Philadelphia Eagles were dead in the water at that point. On more than one play, Barkley handed the ball off and there was no one playing him to run. The  back side of the play was uncovered and wide open. The threat of a quarterback run vanished as with Nick Foles, and the offense has now gone eight quarters without scoring a touchdown.

If Kelly wants any chance to win this week in Oakland, he must make some changes. He has said that any quarterback can run this offense. He is wrong. We saw how that turned out these last two weeks. You need a mobile quarterback for the read-option. If the defense doesn’t have to account to a quarterback, it limits the effectiveness of the entire machine.

Kelly also said he doesn’t care about time of possession. This is also a college mistake. When you don’t care about ball control and have an anemic offense, you lean on a defense who still is not good enough to win games on their own.

The only way the Eagles win this week is if Kelly calls a power-running/play-action offense with Barkley taking first-team reps all week. This year, he does not have the players to run his offense. He doesn’t have the quarterback to run it and maybe it is time to stop trying to fit the square peg into the round hole.

If he wants to salvage this season, he must adapt to his circumstances. If he refuses, his stay in the league could be over before it gets started.

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