Philadelphia Eagles: Injuries To Quarterbacks A Major Flaw In Chip Kelly's Offense

By Bryan Zarpentine
Chip Kelly
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There are many reasons as to why the Philadelphia Eagles have been arguably the most frustratingly inconsistent team in the NFL this season, but injuries at the quarterback position have to be toward the top of the list. At the midway point in the season, various injuries to both Michael Vick and Nick Foles have forced the Eagles to use three quarterbacks in their first eight games, which is generally not a recipe for success in the NFL.

If we were smart, we would have seen this coming. Not only does Chip Kelly’s offense put the quarterback on the move outside of the pocket making him take more hits and putting him at risk for injury, but the philosophy of the offense is to run as many plays as possible which creates more opportunities for injuries to occur.

This is a major flaw in Kelly’s offensive philosophy that we didn’t necessarily see during his time with the Oregon Ducks because college teams play fewer games, and Kelly’s quarterbacks at Oregon usually had the speed to out-run opposing defenses and either get to the sideline or get to the end zone before they took a hit. This is not the case with the aging Vick, the slow-footed Foles, or rookie Matt Barkley.

Kelly has failed to account for this when transitioning from college to the NFL, and the issue has been compounded by the struggles the Eagles have had along the offensive line. The result has been a recurrence of Vick’s hamstring injury, which could continue to keep him on the sideline and significantly hinder his performance when he does return, as well as a concussion to Foles, leaving the Philadelphia offense in the hands of Barkley.

If Kelly or anybody else looks around the NFL, he’d see that some teams are having trouble finding one quarterback they can count on week-to-week, let alone two or three that can keep their team competitive on a consistent basis. If Kelly thinks he’s going to be able to always have two or three good options at quarterback, he’s sadly mistaken.

Right now, the Eagles actually have a good trio of quarterbacks on their roster, but that doesn’t mean anything when they’re injured. Kelly’s offensive philosophy makes it more likely for injuries to the quarterback to occur which is something he’s going to have to adjust to and fix if he’s going to have long-term success in the NFL.

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