Philadelphia Eagles' Running Game Once Again Ineffective In Loss To New York Giants

By Ryan Wenzell
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles‘ running game once again failed to get going and was a huge contributing factor in the loss to the New York Giants. This has been a running theme the past few weeks.

LeSean “Shady” McCoy has had little to no room out there as defensive lines are getting penetration in the backfield and clogging up running lanes that McCoy and the Eagles’ stable of running backs need to run through.

McCoy shares some of the blame in this. Instead of going north and south and hitting the hole hard he is doing too much east-west, dancing around style of running. He needs to get what he can and not always try to go for the big play.

McCoy has struggled immensely the past two weeks, and so has the offense as a whole. This is no coincidence. If McCoy and fellow dynamic playmaker DeSean Jackson are taken out of a ball game it is game over for the offense.

That is what we have seen the past few weeks. Neither the running game nor the passing game has gotten into any sort of rhythm the past couple of games. It doesn’t help that the Eagles are down to their third string quarterback, but it still doesn’t excuse not scoring a touchdown in an appalling eight straight quarters of football.

Many of the same people who thought Eagles head coach Chip Kelly‘s offense was the next big thing after Week 1 are now criticizing it and shooting it down. It is not a matter of X’s and O’s; it’s a matter of personnel. Kelly clearly doesn’t have the athletic, accurate type of quarterback to fully run his offense.

If you don’t have your quarterback I don’t care who you are; you’re not winning many football games. Until Kelly gets his players in here we may be seeing more of these type of offensive performances.

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