Should Arizona Cardinals Trade Larry Fitzgerald to a Contender?

By Michael Terrill


Should Arizona Cardinals Trade Larry Fitzgerald to a Contender
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have a big decision to make in the next 24 hours and that decision did not get any easier after Sunday’s victory over the Atlanta Falcons. With Tuesday’s trade deadline looming, should the Cardinals consider trading wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to a contender?

At 4-4, Arizona is not exactly out of the race for a playoff berth. With that being said, they are in a division with two teams that have six wins. Not to mention, the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are not going to let the Cardinals squeak past them.

It is safe to say Arizona will remain in the process of rebuilding, which means Arizona should be looking for all possible options for Fitzgerald. Of course, since the veteran does still have several years remaining on his contract, the Cardinals would be foolish to deal him for anything less than a stellar offer. NFL ready players would be nice but the organization should concentrate on getting numerous solid draft picks.

Two teams that would for sure be interested in the 30-year-old are the 49ers and the Detroit Lions. Both could use some help at the wide receiver position, despite the fact each team has a very talented No. 1. I cannot imagine a situation in which the Cardinals trade Fitzgerald within the division, especially to a 49ers team that most likely will not be able to give Arizona what they are looking for in a deal.

Meanwhile, Detroit is a team that would give up quite a bit to acquire Fitzgerald. The chance to pair two of the best receivers in the game with a decent quarterback is something the Lions would not pass up.

The reality is Cardinals’ fans should expect to see their favorite player in red and white following the bye week. I just do not see Arizona getting an appropriate offer that will satisfy their need to give up the best player in franchise history.

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