Should Seattle Seahawks Make Any Moves at NFL Trade Deadline?

By Todd Pheifer
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is on October 29 so teams need to make decisions quickly. Should a talented team like the Seattle Seahawks go out and get that “final” piece to the puzzle? Could one more player put them “over the top?”

Are there any other overused sports phrases that could be inserted here?

What should the ‘Hawks do? How about nothing. Let the deadline pass.

There is a lot of talk leading up to the trade deadline in any major sport, but most of the talk is just rumor and speculation. The NFL usually has the least amount of chatter simply because there is typically a minimum amount of movement.

Why is this the case? More than any other sport, football is a game that requires a lot of moving parts. The harmony between those parts starts in training camp and continues throughout the season. This is not to suggest that a player can’t contribute if they are traded, but it is very difficult for someone to come in, learn the playbook quickly and make a meaningful impact.

In addition, the NFL is a league where draft picks are closely guarded. When trades get done, they are usually with future draft picks. Teams that have a desirable player can often afford to hold out for a high pick, and that usually kills any possibility of a deal.

If you are the Seahawks, who do you get? Certainly there some issues on the offensive line, but a meaningful upgrade is going to be pricey. Besides, if Russell Okung can come back healthy he will make a major impact on the rest of the line.

Perhaps there is a great deal to be made, but that seems unlikely. The NFL trade deadline occurs fairly early in the season which means that many teams are unsure how the season could unfold. It’s too early to chase a playoff spot and too early to give up and wait for the draft.

The Seahawks should not make any moves.

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