Will Philadelphia Eagles Start Matt Barkley at Quarterback Against Oakland Raiders?

By Michael Terrill
Will Philadelphia Eagles Start Matt Barkley at Quarterback Against Oakland Raiders
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have all sorts of problems at quarterback, with the main one being health. The inconsistency at the position is destroying the team and a big reason for the dismal record. With Michael Vick’s hamstring in question and Nick Foles still not cleared from a concussion he suffered two weeks ago, it appears Matt Barkley will be forced to start against the Oakland Raiders in Week 9.

“I think we’ve had some instability at the quarterback position,” Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said, according to SI.com. “When you’re unsettled at that position in this league, it’s really difficult. Right now we’re unstable at the quarterback spot and we’re not playing well at the quarterback spot, and we lost our last two games because of it.”

Part of that instability also lies with Barkley, who simply did not play well in a loss against the New York Giants on Sunday. He passed for just 158 yards and tossed one interception. However, his most critical mistake might be the lost fumble at the end of the first half when Philadelphia was on the two-yard line and ready to go in for a score.

“That’s terrible,” Eagles tight end Brent Celek said, according to SI.com. “Obviously it’s something that’s got to be fixed. Especially when we’re down at the two-yard-line. We can’t do things like that. We need to fix it. We need to fix it fast.”

Even if Barkley is not the answer, which most fans would agree that he is not, the Eagles have no choice but to go with him because they have no one else to field the position. Foles could be cleared to play this week but it is doubtful that he would be ready to give Philadelphia a legitimate chance to defeat Oakland, especially on the road. Meanwhile, Vick’s injury could force him to miss several games.

The good news is that Barkley could be much more productive in his first career start after he receives reps with the first-team offense during the week.

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