Dez Bryant Showed Us He'll Never Be as Good as Calvin Johnson

By Ryan Heckman
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In week eight of this year’s NFL season, us football fans were in for a real treat. Two of the best wide receivers in the game got to square off against one another and all week long there were heated debates about which one will end up having the best career as a whole.

One of these receivers even came out and said he could “do anything” the other could do. However, that particular receiver continued his immaturity on Sunday when his Dallas Cowboys fell short to Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions in the waining minute of the game.

Dez Bryant was seen on the sideline throughout the game throwing temper tantrums with his quarterback and coaches, though at certain points during his tirades the Cowboys were up on the Lions — figure that one out for me, why don’t you.

Here’s the reason behind his tirade: Deep down, Bryant knows he’ll never hold a candle to Johnson. Hello, this guy finished with 329 receiving yards — the second most in a game all-time.

Bryant saw what Johnson was doing and wanted to be in his shoes. While physically he has very similar gifts, he lacks everything that Johnson is mentally and emotionally. Johnson doesn’t crumble in tough situations. In fact, he does the exact opposite. Johnson thrives in tough situations. Matthew Stafford knows that even in triple coverage he can throw the ball up high and Johnson will come down with it.

Can Tony Romo say that? How in the world can a quarterback stand behind such a child? Poor Romo; having to deal with Terrell Owens’ junk and now a very similar situation is occurring with Bryant.

Bryant is a child. It’s that simple. Sure, he’s passionate about the game he plays. But so is Johnson — yet he doesn’t throw a tantrum like a four year old girl.

This battle between the two wideouts goes beyond just stats. If Johnson stays healthy and continues playing at a high level like he is, he could go down as the greatest wide receiver of all time. No disrespect whatsoever to the current holder of that title, Jerry Rice, but Johnson is simply a much more freak of an athlete in every aspect of the word. It’s tough to see Johnson not breaking all of those records in the next 7-8 years.

To sum up my thoughts: Bryant has a long way to go to match Johnson not only on the field, but on the sidelines and off the field — and it’s not close.

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