NFL Trade Deadline Disappoints Many Football Fans

By Andrew Fisher
NFL Trade Deadline
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The NFL trade deadline doesn’t have the greatest of reputations. Football is much different from the other major American sports and we simply don’t see as many players getting dealt. Deadline day in the NBA and MLB is always entertaining. There are always a few last minute deals that get pushed through and occasionally, a blockbuster trade will go down to shock everyone. So even though the NFL’s deadline day is traditionally uneventful, this year seemed to be different.

There were several big names who figured to be on the market this year: Jared Allen, Hakeem Nicks, Maurice Jones-Drew, Josh Gordon and maybe even Tony Gonzalez. So one of these guys had to get dealt, right? No, not a one of them. The only deal that went down on deadline day involved Isaac Sopoaga. Who? Exactly.

So yet again, the NFL trade deadline has left many fans across America disappointed. For teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the lack of deals is especially disappointing. These are two teams are clearly playing for next year and both Allen and Jones-Drew figure to be walking away at year’s end via free agency. Now, the Vikings and Jags will get absolutely nothing in return.

Obviously, the salary cap plays a huge part in the lack of NFL trades, but it doesn’t mean that deals can’t get done. However, there’s no doubt that money is the reason why only one trade went down on deadline day 2013.


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