San Francisco 49ers Offensive Line Proving To Be League's Best

By Lucas Carreras
49ers offensive line playing like the best
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In beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 42-10 on Sunday in their Week 8 game, the San Francisco 49ers continued to look very balanced as an offense while showing an ability to be able to run the football for 5.8 yards per carry. A large part of the reason that the 49ers were able to control action in the manner in which they did on offense while putting up 35 points is because once again, the 49ers offensive line was again playing like one of the league’s best offensive lines.

The team’s offensive numbers against the Jaguars highlight their dominance which ended up reflected in the final scoreline. The 49ers’ offense finished the game with 398 total yards, 221 of those being rushing yards. In addition, the 49ers picked up 25 first downs during the course of the game while controlling the ball for 28 minutes and 29 seconds. Such a dominating offensive performance is the result of several factors, but the top reason why the offense was as good as it was on Sunday against and during the five game winning streak has been the play of the offensive line.

From the first play, the offensive line took control and won the battle at the line of scrimmage against the Jaguars’ defensive line as the 49ers took the opening drive of the game and turned it into an eight-play, 76-yard drive which included a conversion on fourth-and-one. The dominance that the offensive line was able to achieve allowed the 49ers’ runners and Colin Kaepernick the chance to be patient with their runs and the ability to go through the progressions when dropping back to pass the football.

The dominance and excellent play of the offensive line can be seen on Kaepernick’s first touchdown run where he was led and given an open running lane thanks to right tackle Joe Staley who from a pulling block won his matchup on the outside to allow this touchdown run to happen. And it is the individual play of the Staley and company along the offensive line which has seen the 49ers offense get back to their identity on that side of the ball. Their play as a unit during the five game winning streak has been along the lines of that of a unit who can claim to be the best in the NFL.

The first reason the 49ers can claim to be the top line in the NFL is that they consistently win individual matchups on a regular basis play in and play out which allows the 49ers to be able to control the line of scrimmage battle in any game. Additionally, in a league where despite the fact that passing is king, the ability to run the football still means a lot. The 49ers offensive line is the best at run blocking and helping pick up that yard or two when everyone knows you are going to run the football.

Like all aspects of the 49ers during the two game losing streak in Weeks 2 and 3, the offensive line look far from being the best in the league as they failed to win their matchups on a consistent basis during those two games. Since then as the 49ers have gone on a five-game winning streak, the line has once again played like the best group in the league as they have gotten back to that dominating unit they have been.

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