Who Is The Future Philadelphia Eagles Starting Quarterback?

By Ryan Wenzell
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

There is one question many Philadelphia Eagles fans have on their mind: Who is the future  quarterback of this football team? It has become clear that he is not on the current roster.

Let’s start with incumbent Michael Vick. He is nearly 34 years old and is on a one-year deal. The one thing the Eagles were looking for him to do, stay healthy, he has failed to do. He can pack his bags at the end of December because he will assuredly be gone.

Then we get to the unknowns in Nick Foles and Matt Barkley. Neither of them screams franchise quarterback, and I have seen enough of a sample size to know that they aren’t dynamic athletes or huge talents at signal caller. Foles had about as bad a quarterbacking performance as you can have a few weeks ago, and Barkley has been a turnover machine.Neither oozes confidence at the position.

What this means then is the Eagles have to do everything within their power to go out and get one. The upcoming 2014 draft is said to be loaded with quarterbacks. Starting at the top with elite prospects Teddy Bridgewater and Marcus Mariota and moving on down with talents like Johnny Manziel, Tajh Boyd, and Braxton Miller.

There is one thing all of these guys have in common. They are all athletes and true physical specimens. That’s something Eagles head coach Chip Kelly craves to run his wide open, up-tempo attack. Kelly knows Manziel really well. He recruited him hard out of high school and Manziel almost joined him in Eugene before changing his mind.

The two could certainly reunite come May of next year. The man they call Johnny “Football” fits the bill perfectly as a mobile, strong armed threat that would add a new dimension to this offense. Right now that option is glaringly missing.

This is a tough time right now for Eagles fans but be patient. The new face of the franchise may be waiting in next year’s draft.

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