Why The Philadelphia Eagles Stink At The Linc

By Ryan Wenzell
Philadelphia Eagles
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have now lost 10 straight home games at Lincoln Financial Field. Think about that for a second. That is over a year of losses and futility at home. The Eagles were a once proud franchise at home.

Teams feared coming into what was Veteran’s Stadium in front of a raucous crowd and at the time a feared defense in Gang Green. That time is long gone. The Linc just doesn’t have the same feel as that old stadium, and the noise factor and decibel level isn’t near as high. It’s something owner Jeffrey Lurie ought to look into. Pump noise into the stadium, move the seats closer, anything.

Right now the Eagles are a franchise in a state of rebuilding. Their defense will be a 1-2 year re-build with head coach Chip Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman needing the ability to pick the right players in the draft and fill a few holes in free agency to get this unit back to total respectability. To the defense’s credit it has seemed to have turned a corner the last couple of weeks.

The Eagles offense is an entirely different story. They are a train wreck to put it mildly. Receivers aren’t getting open, the running game has been useless, and there has been total instability at the quarterback position. That combination has resulted in complete disaster as the Eagles offense has mustered zero offensive touchdowns in the last two games.

That’s certainly a new development for Kelly. It is clear he is going to need his franchise quarterback, one that preferably is athletic enough to run an up-tempo read option attack and a few more athletes on offense to run his offense to full effectiveness. Right now that guy that every franchise needs at the all important quarterback position is missing.

We can sit and talk about why the Eagles continue to lose, but the truth is it comes down to the players. They just don’t have enough good ones on either side of the ball and especially at QB. There has not been much for the fans to cheer for.

When there is, then and only then will the Eagles go back to being successful in their home building.

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