5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Win In Week 9

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5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Win In Week 9

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Last week, I wrote an article on “Five teams that would definitely lose in Week 8”, and I’m going to flip the script for this week and pick five teams that will definitely win in Week 9.

I’m very proud to say that all five teams I picked against last week lost their games. Those teams were the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams. The Rams definitely gave me a bit of a scare and they probably should have beaten the Seattle Seahawks; and they would have if Sam Bradford was playing QB in my opinion. The Redskins also gave me a tiny scare as they were up 21-7 on the Denver Broncos in the second half, but once the Broncos tied it up, I knew where that game was headed. I was never worried about the other three games for a second.

Last week had a lot of good choices to pick for a column like this. Out of the five games I picked, I had to leave of a couple of other good picks such as Kansas City Chiefs over Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers over Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I knew I should have changed the article to “Seven teams that will definitely lose in Week 8”.

Unfortunately, the Week 9 games don’t have as many slam dunks as the previous week. I’m pretty sure about four of my picks for this week, but even as I’m typing this, I’m still not sure on who my no. 5 pick will be. I guess I’ll figure it out as I go. Let’s do this, people.

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5. Seattle Seahawks

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I might as well get the most obvious choice out of the way. The only case I could possibly make for the Bucs is that they have 10 days to prepare as opposed to only six for the Seahawks coming off a brutally tough division game. Still, a winless team is not going to win at Seattle.

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4. Carolina Panthers

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So let's see here. You've got a super hot team playing at home with one of the best front sevens in football against an ice cold team that can't run the ball and is without their best two receivers. What's even left to talk about?

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3. Dallas Cowboys

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I hate having to trust the Dallas Cowboys, especially seeing as how they continue find new and creative ways to lose games. However, this could be the classic bounce-back/roadkill game. Of course, this could also be the classic 'Adrian Peterson is unstoppable and carries this crappy Vikings team on his back' game. Even still, the Cowboys should easily get into the 30s here.

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2. Green Bay Packers

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It would have been hard to imagine the Chicago Bears winning this even with Jay Cutler; but their chances of winning at Lambeau Field are slim and none without him. Let us not forget that this Bears defense has taken some steps back, so Aaron Rodgers could have a field day.

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1. Baltimore Ravens

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Hopefully I'm not a jinx to the Baltimore Ravens, but under John Harbaugh, they are 5-0 after the bye week and 11-0 against the Browns. For some reason, the Browns always put up more of a fight in Batimore then in their own stadium. I'll be honest -- Jason Campbell looked slightly competent in a close loss to the Chiefs ... but then I remember that Campbell is a backup for a reason. The Ravens will do what they always do a win in unimpressive fashion against the Browns.